Civil Registration in England & Wales

Births 1837-1851FreeBMD website

Stockdale (and variant surnames) births, marriages and deaths

Births 1837-1851

Births 1837-1851

On this page I shall be publishing details of births, marriages and deaths of Stockdales, and variant names, registered in England and Wales, extracted from records at the FreeBMD website,

FreeBMD is an ongoing project, the aim of which is to transcribe the Civil Registration Indexes of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales and to provide free Internet access to the transcribed records. The recording of births, marriages and deaths was started in 1837 and is one of the most significant resources for genealogical research in Great Britain. The transcribing of the records is carried out by teams of dedicated volunteers and contains index information for the period 1837-1983.

It will be a major task transcribing all the Stockdale (and variants) births, marriages and deaths, so I shall be carrying it out in stages. The first batch here comprises registered births from the third quarter of 1837 (July-September), the period at which civil registration began in England and Wales, up to the last quarter of 1851. The file is available in two formats. Clicking on the above links, births 1837-1851, should open a Microsoft 2010 Excel database of over 800 records, showing the quarter and year, surname, first name(s), registration district, volume and page number, or a PDF with the same data.

I have chosen 1851 as the cut-off point in the first instance because after that year there were major changes in registration districts and the volume numbers recording births, marriages and deaths. Please note that there are some errors and/or duplications in the records. These may have occurred because there were errors in the original indexes when they were compiled at the General Register Office for England and Wales in Victorian times, especially the early ones that were hand written, causing problems for modern transcribers at FreeBMD. Where a registration district appears in italics, this usually means that there was an error, principally because the volume number is incorrect or the page number is outside the range expected for that particular registration district.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: If you cannot find an expected entry in the database it may well be because the birth was never recorded or registered! In the early years of civil registration – which, by the way, was strongly opposed by many clergymen and church authorities because it was feared the church was losing its power over the recording of births, marriages and deaths – many people did not register the birth of a child. The precise figures are not known, but it has been estimated that in some places it may have been between 10 and 20 per cent of births, even though it was technically compulsory to register them. However, fines for not complying with the law were not introduced until 1875.


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