National Burial Index Third Edition

nbi3coverAll Stockdales & variants on NBI3

The National Burial Index (Third Edition) is a database on CD-ROM containing more than 18.4 million records of burials from parish and cemetery registers all over England and Wales. It includes records of Anglican, Roman Catholic, Nonconformist and Quaker denominations.

Each entry provides details of: surname, forename(s), date of burial, age (where given), the county and place of burial.

I have extracted over 2,400 entries for Stockdales, with around 40 variant surnames. The greatest number of the entries are from Yorkshire – hardly surprising given that the county is the principal home of the name. Clicking on the link “All Stockdales & variants on NBI3” will bring up a PDF of the entries. They are arranged in chronological order, the earliest record being in 1545 and the most recent in 2007. The database is searchable with Google Chrome (and possibly other browsers). For instance, entering the name Agnes in “Find” will bring up every entry for that name. Or entering a place name will produce every entry for a burial in that place.

The National Burial Index (Third Edition) is published by the Federation of Family History Societies and I am proud to say that I was responsible for the cover design artwork, having formerly been involved in its production as the FFHS’s Projects Director.


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