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Stockdale map & tableSurname mapStockdales copyStockdills only copy

Above left and bottom left: distribution of the surname STOCKDALE in the 1881 census. It will be seen that the greatest number of people of the name were in the West Riding of Yorkshire; above right and bottom right: There were only 35 people with the surname STOCKDILL, mostly in Yorkshire West Riding but with some in Lancashire and a small number in London. They were virtually all members of my own family; 

On this page you will find maps and tables recording the distribution of the Stockdale surname and other variants. These have been originated from The 19th Century British Surname Atlas, a superb little program on CD-ROM that takes all the data from the 1881 census and creates instant surname distribution maps and tables. This splendid piece of software was written by Steve Archer and costs only £15 and is in my opinion one of the best bargains in genealogy! It can be bought from:


2 Responses to Surname Maps & Tables

  1. Roger Gill says:

    I like your site very much. However I believe it is wrong to show a graphic which appears to contain links to further information/presentation of data. e.g In the graphic above you invite us to look at further detail which is fine, however on opening that page the description offers links to further displays which are not active. After a little while it dawns on one that the display is a simply a graphic of Steve Archers product and not an interactive page. The graphic ought to be edited to remove the links and display only the data relative to your case.

  2. I concede you have a point, Roger! However, I thought it right to give a link to Steve’s page for two reasons: 1) Because he has always been very accommodating whenever I have asked him permission to use material and maps from his 19th Century British Surname Atlas CD, especially for my articles in the commercial family history mags and also during the 10 years I edited the Journal of One-Name Studies; 2) I genuinely believe it to be one of the best bargains in genealogy and a superb product that gives hours of entertainment, even to non-family historians.

    I intend in due course to publish on this site further details of Stockdales (and variants) in the censuses. However, given that there were just under 2,500 entries in the 1881 census alone, finding a way in which to display them to the best advantage and offer as much detail as possible is not a particularly easy task, especially when I have other things taking up my time! But it’s something I am certainly looking at. Thanks for your interest.

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